We are Chandigarh(India) based development-centric company with proven industry experience in various sectors and technologies. Through our project management skills and technical expertise, our aim is to create automated solutions for your IT/development unit to help you caliberate your focus towards the scale of your business.

We value trust in our clients and commit to deliver quality work for them.

Sign us as your development partner to unravel possibilities of increased business growth.

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F45 Challenge

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F45 is the revolutionary training system changing lives around the globe. Born in Australia, this phenomenal system is now spreading through continents like wildfire. A team training facility in which members are challenged everyday.

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Teach and learn over webcam. Sell Knowledge, buy understanding. Utorial is a place for people to share their knowledge in live tutorials using Webcams, digital whiteboards and screen sharing.

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Me & My Child

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Whether you're coping with your first baby, dealing with a troublesome toddler or managing three under five, life can often seem to revolve around this question. The Careline can help you with information on a wide range of nutrition topics.

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A site for and about mothers with inspiring style and inspiring stories. The Grace Tales is the ultimate online destination for multi-tasking mothers of babies, toddlers and tweens. The content includes everything from motherhood to fashion to beauty to interiors to travel to food.

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Versatile Kids

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VersatileKids is an online community of parents and activity providers for local classes, camps, and events for their kids.

VersatileKids provides a platform to connect parents and providers of kids' activities in the local community in order to provide the best learning environments and opportunities for kids.

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World Animal Protection

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WAP improves animals’ lives and prevent cruelty by working directly with communities and owners. Globally, WAP uses its consultative status at the United Nations and its relationship with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) to introduce animals into the most pressing global debates.


Delegate development to focus on scale

Dedicated Development Unit

DDU as work model is suitable for clients looking for development services on continued basis at budgeted costs. We give you access to our dedicated resouces and technical personnel at fixed monthly fee for set period. This work arrangement can be considered if you have an already designed project or need bulk development work for multiple projects on long term basis.


For an ongoing project we discuss your requirements and timelines in detail. With the use of agile methodoligies, we then create miletones for major deliverables followed by subdivision of tasks. This allows easier progress tracking to meet the target deadlines.

Additional Features & Specifications

Communication - Via phone, email, chat and skype with twice a month progress sync.

Contract Duration - Minimum 3 months contract that can be extended as per your requirements. 6 months and 12 months options available at discounted fees.

Payment Terms - Advance payment for each month's billing cycle. We accept payment via bank wire transfer & online credit cards.

Comprehensive Project Development

This solution based model is best suited for single fixed cost projects that allows flexible budget allocation and requires greater emphasis on business value creation. We take a holistic approach to understand your business needs to create right solution.

IT Consultation

We provide consultation to help you uncover technical requirements for your project. A detailed spec is prepared to analyse your IT needs and defining solutions to deliver end expectations.


Once the requirements are acknowledged and approved, we initiate the build process under following phases.

Designing » Development » Testing » Launch

At every phase we use agile methodologies to create milestones and set tasks completion date.

Additional Features & Specifications

Design - We work with some of the best industry expert design partners to give shape to your business idea.

Communication - Via phone, email, chat and skype with twice a month progress sync.

Payment Terms - 25% advance with rest payment to be provided on subsequent completion of milestones. We accept payment via bank wire transfer & online credit cards.


Byte size code, performance driven approach


Frontend Development

Front end development includes work over a mix of HTML, CSS, and client-side scripts to help construct visual components of your project / application for your end user navigation and interactivity.

What we do

  • PSD slicing and component development (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Browser compatibility and responsive mobile integration
  • Performance tuning, script minimization
  • Onsite SEO updation (meta tags, keywords, sitemap generation etc)

Tools & Libs

Wordpress Development

Wordpress is a highly popular open source CMS for creating small to medium traffic websites. It has an easy to use admin panel for content creation and comes with search-engine friendly features for marketing purposes.

What we do

  • Theme developement and backend management
  • Plugin customisation and creation
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Site backups and security management

Tools & Libs

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce relates to creation of an online store for selling products and services to your customers. Ecommerce development requires qualified industry experts to integrate secure payment soutions, create user engagement models and upgrade inventory management systems.

What we do

  • Store creation/customisation and admin management
  • Third party module/extension custom development
  • User engagement + sales analysis
  • Webservices integration

Tools & Libs

PHP Framework Development

PHP is an open source, server side language for creating both static and dynamic websites. It's supported by major hosting providers and is widely accepted as a universal language for developing custom software.

What we do

  • Writing framework level object oriented + unit tested codebase
  • Database schema design and integration (mysql, postgres)
  • RESTful API creation and development
  • Cache Optimisation (redis,memcache) + Log Management
  • Cron jobs, workers and background processes creation
  • Dependency injection through composer

Tools & Libs

Nodejs Development

Node.JS is an event-driven, server-side JavaScript runtime environment to create scalable and real-time apps. Over the years nodejs has gained a lot of popularity among the developers community due to its asynchrounous features and use of online repositories through npm package manager.

What we do

  • Express framework development with unit tested codebase
  • Real time web apps using socket.io
  • Relational(mysql) and non relational(mongodb) database creation and management
  • Frontend JS frameworks development (AngularJS, React+Redux)
  • Creation of RESTful API with JWT based authentication

Tools & Libs

IOS Development

At Codekyt we use swift for IOS development. Swift is a modern programming language by Apple that is fast, safe and interactive. It is a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS & tvOS.

What we do

  • Advanced-level native or hybrid app developement for various sectors - social media, travel, health, game etc
  • Webservices integration, SOAP/REST, JSON/XML
  • Firbase BaaS integration for authentication and storage
  • Retina display compatible, device based responsive development
  • Support and maintenance for update and iOS upgrade

Tools & Libs

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